My Personal Experience about Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a difficult journey that takes a great deal of courage and effort. It requires letting go of negative emotions, like anger and resentment, and choosing to forgive the person who caused you harm or upset. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s an important part of emotional healing and maintaining healthy relationships.

I do not forget a good done to me. Even if that person goes ahead to hurt me, it still won’t cancel the effect that goodness they showed me had on me. I know for sure i might forgive that person but i met not forget.

Even when we no longer talk, I’ll still talk about that goodness just the way it was. And still feel that sense of gratitude.

It’s hard to reconcile the good memories you have of someone with the hurt they’ve caused you. It’s perfectly okay to hold onto the positive memories while still setting boundaries for yourself and protecting your emotional well-being.

I have someone who has betrayed my trust and misused something valuable I left in her care. I still haven’t been able to recover from that loss but this person was there at the most vulnerable time of my life. Sheltered me. Loved me and mine. Opened her doors and heart to me when it mattered most to me. Never made me feel like I was a burden. Answered me when I called. Was a safe place.

We no longer talk or have that kind of relationship because of what she did but I still remember that good. And No, I don’t want to waive it off and rekindle the relationship.
Ask me about this person and I’ll still tell you how good she was to me regardless of how she has hurt me.

My heart remains forever grateful to every good deed done to me especially when it mattered the most. Remember that it’s okay to grieve and process the loss at your own pace. It’s a process that’s often just as important as forgiveness. You don’t have to forget the hurt, but over time, the pain may soften.

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