How to Make Your Relationships Goals a Reality. {Continuation}

This is a Great topic! I am sure you are enjoying the write up. So, let’s begin. Here are some potentials on making relationship goals a reality.

6 – Keep The Physical Connection Going
As you move through different phases of your relationship, physical intimacy isn’t always an option. There are going to be times when it’s not physically or mentally possible, but that doesn’t mean that all physical connections need to stop. Physically touching the person you love triggers oxytocin, the feel-good love hormone that reduces stress and does a myriad of wonderful things for us.
Stay physically connected by holding hands, cuddling, or literally leaning on one another.
Sometimes this takes a little work to discuss, figure out and develop new ways to connect, but by speaking with honesty, sharing your feelings, and remembering that the highs and lows of marriages and relationships are completely normal, you’ll be able to create new levels of intimacy that help create an even stronger bond.


7 – Speak Positively About Each Other
A surefire way to cause damage to your romantic relationship is to speak ill of the person you love to others. Not only is it disrespectful to them, but it’s also disrespectful to your relationship.
This doesn’t mean you can’t vent in tough times, but be sure to talk about behaviors and actions that irritate you or that caused upset, not personality traits. Let me give you a hack, If you are a person that vent too much or speak ill of your partner when angry and you find it difficult to stop , I would suggest you keep quiet or maintain silence once you notice you are venting to avoid saying ill words.
If you don’t like the personality of the one you are in love with, then you need to reevaluate your relationship or seek further help from someone who specializes in this field. Always speak kindly and positively of each other, and if there are behaviors that irritate you, remind yourself of what it is you love about them and know that behaviors pass.

8 – Talk About Your Relationship Often
Your relationship won’t stay the same, and that’s one of the amazing things about it. As you grow and change, so too does your relationship.
This is why it is so important for you to talk to each other about your relationship often.
Use these as check-ins, or ask if there’s anything you want to change or do better?
Discuss what it is you love about your relationship, spend time reminiscing about the past and what you’ve achieved together, and always look to the future and to goals you have created together. Plus, it’s fun to hear what each other thinks and feels about your relationship! If you’re stuck for ideas, use these questions to help get the conversation started.

9 – Create A Partnership, Not A Competition
Regardless of how competitive you may be, your relationship is a partnership between two loving people, not a competition. This doesn’t mean you can’t compete to see who wins the most rounds of Scrabble, it means that you shouldn’t keep score in a ‘tit for tat’ type of way. Arguing about who does more for the relationship or who contributes more creates a competitive environment, which can sometimes lead to lasting issues, especially if one person is more competitive. There will always be times when someone does more in a relationship than the other, because that’s how life works.
And that’s one part of being partners, you find ways to work together and help each other. You always have someone to help you through, that’s why it’s a partnership, you don’t have to do it alone. As long as you’re always giving everything you can, doing your part, and not taking each other for grander, that should be enough. Don’t compete over petty things, create a partnership so you can tackle it all together. Work together as a team and always celebrate your small wins it doesn’t matter would wins or not. You are both partner that wants the best for each other and you are working towards a shared goal.

I can’t wait to see what the world have for you and your partner. I would be here to celebrate your wins.





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