Weekend Intro

Welcome to a playground of discovering the essence of Unconditional Love.  As a participant, you are led to a place of self inquiry asking deep questions such as: Why am I in a relation? What is my reality? Who do I really relate with? Who owns my emotions? What is sexual polarity?

We provide you with concrete examples, tools and experiences to evolve towards a mature, long lasting and blissful relationship.

In addition to discussions and practical exercises, you will have a morning yoga practice that brings heightened awareness to 7 energetic centers (chakras) of your body and teaches you to manage your subtle energy (prana).  This is the same awareness and management that becomes useful in managing your emotions to effect the quality of your communication and relationships.  

This playground is valuable for both couples in a relation and individuals in between relationships. An open mind is necessary for this course that will surely challenge many of your beliefs.

Deva & Meghan

We are grateful to be able to share the details of what enhances our experience of life together as a couple--what excites us, what keeps us shining and what keeps us moving through the stumbling when it shows up.  Over the course of this weekend, you will have access to our most sincere guidance and loving field of support as we take you through the basic teachings of our personal practice.

No courses scheduled yet. If you are interested in hosting a course in your area, contact us for availability.

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