The best relationship advice to give.

Being in a relationship makes you feel loved and important. It shows that someone cares about you. It’s not just being in an anyhow relationship, we have different types of relationships the manipulative one and the healthy one. So being in a healthy relationship helps you mentally, emotionally, and personally. Though it’s not everyone that would feel the same when it comes to falling in love, for me I feel so secure and assured and I have some kind of peace in me. I’m sorry but i am a lover girl. How about you?

Always remember that you will always have someone who would cherish you, I mean the one God has sent aside for you. You’ll surely meet your type of man and he will love you wholeheartedly the same thing goes for guys also, while waiting for your spouse make sure you have something to do and work on yourself. Don’t depend too much on your guy, as a lady you should be hardworking while waiting for your Mr. Right. One thing I won’t stop doing is learning, I feel it has become part of me. Let’s your man see that you worth the wait and all! While you enter the relationship remember that healthy relationships involve growth, understanding, and support for both individuals involved!

If someone rejects you, move on, but do not deny the emotional damage of the breakup: Ensure you have enough self-respect to say “Look this hurts me right now, even breaks my heart, but at the same time, I understand you have the right to make your decision and genuinely wish you every happiness and hope you find your special someone”. Then walk away from them and do not look back.

Lately, have been having mixed feelings regarding my relationship thinking of where it would lead but one thing I used to stop that doubt was to enjoy my relationship whether it would move to a wedding or not. I can be sometimes full of doubt but one thing I won’t do is ask a man to marry me. If I am worth it, you put a ring to that finger but do anyone that works for you.

Make sure you communicate while at it. Communication is really important for a relationship, Do not rush into marriage: You need to consider the other person before marrying them. Ask, could I live with this person? Are our lives going in the same direction? Could what we believe be a deal breaker for the relationship?

Do not be a player: Fall in love with one person and love that person completely. Do not move from person to person and do not cheat on your partner. Don’t come on too strong, yet be completely honest with your feelings when it feels like the right time to do so: Do not smother the other person with affection else you will scare them away. However, you should be ready to tell the person that you love them once you have really got to know them and spent a fair amount of time together.
As humans, we tend to offend or piss ourselves off sometimes, especially when you are in a relationship but one thing you should know is that Forgive and forget: You and your partner will both upset each other, sometimes in quite serious ways. Be a grown adult and forgive your partner if feel hurt and choose to forget as well. I realize this is easier said than done. I have been in those shoes and I know how hard it is to forgive especially if it’s a hurtful thing.

Do not keep things from your partner and be honest about your emotions at the time they surface. Do not save anger for later as this is passive aggression and ruins relationships. I had this trait at the beginning of our relationship but as time went on, I had to share every tiny detail of everything I do I still struggle with a few things but it is better than the beginning. Always have it in mind that you’re one, once you have that kind of mindset you will share things with your partner without hesitating and drawing back.
Ensure you show an interest in your partner’s interests even though they may not be interesting to you. Learn to like what the other likes. Let them know you care about them and all they love and it should apply to you also.

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