Sacred Union

consecrate this union

A meaningful union ceremony that is uniquely YOU!

Let us help you create the perfect ceremony to honour the commitment of you and your partner towards True Love in the most powerful and authentic manner.  This is for the couple that is looking to craft something meaningful to celebrate their partnership.  This is not for cookie-cutter bride and bridegroom who want to run through the motions and cut straight to the cake (not that we have anything against cake!).  This is a process whereby we will hold your hand while you look at what is meaningful in your partnership, what commitments seem true for you and how to express them in a way that is felt and understood by your audience, as they are welcomed to your circle of communal support.  Further, we extend our ceremonial know-how to craft a meaningful ritual for you in reverence to the Higher Realms of Love Consciousness, where you can ask for blessings and support in your union.

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