Positive things to say to your child.

Most times parent don’t feel the need to speak positive things to their child since they are still young, they feel like they can’t understand or relate with it. Not knowing that using this positive words will forever remain in their mind and memory. It also used for reinforcement. It makes them feel special. In psychology, reinforcement refers to any consequence that increases the likelihood of a particular behavior occurring again in the future. In this case, using positive words with a child reinforces the child’s sense of self-worth and their belief in themselves. It encourages them to continue to be their best selves. That would interest them to do more. These are some of the positive lines that i found reassuring and great:-

“I love you just the way you are.”
– “You can do anything you put your mind to.”
– “You’re so smart and capable.”
– “You make me so proud.”
– “I’m always here for you.”
– “You’re loved and cared for.”
– “You’re a special and unique person.”
– “You’re a great kid.”
– “You’re so creative and imaginative.”
-You are so helpful, thank you
-You have great ideas
-I’m so proud of you
-Even if you make a mistake, you can fix it
-Our family is so blessed to have you in it
-That’s a great question
-I’m so excited to spend time with you
-That was so brave, what you just did
-You make my heart feel so full
-Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay II. Your attitude can change any situation
-That was a really good choice
-It’s your decision
-Don’t give up, I know you can do this
-I believe you.
-Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, you are enough just the way you are
-I love how you said that
-Your smile is so beautiful
-You’re such a lovely friend.
-I love holding your hand.

All of this, and much more, makes your child feel special. It’s important that both parents engage in this, so the child feels safe and loved. Don’t get too carried away with work or life and forget about your family, kids, spouse. If you train your child with positive words, they’ll pass those words on to their siblings and friends.

I lived next door to a family that does this. They use positive words for their kids. The children would always leave for school or work holding hands with their parents and being reassured of the love they have for their children, how they are proud of theirs and many more, The kid will jokingly say it after them giggling and hopping, that to shows that he’s happy and i can assure you those memories cannot be erased from the child easily.

You should build your family in solid and happy home. I hope this helps! Children will remember such memories for a lifetime. I can assure you that you’ll see positive changes if you give it a try. Trust me!

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