Tips for Personal Growth.

Once a person starts working on themselves, it becomes evident that they start seeing their progress. The process of personal growth isn’t linear or one-directional. It involves lots of ups and downs. In addition to this, it requires lots of self-forgiveness. Growing can never be mathematically measured, however, it can be evaluated relative to your past self.
If you noticed the following below you are growing personally.

  1. You are happy to hear of other people’s victories and not just their failures – a mark of true friendship. 
  2. When other people around you fail, you lift them up rather than remind them of their failures. 
  3. You remove the words ‘I told you so’ ‘you should have listened’ and ‘I disagree’ and anything similar from your vocabulary. 
  4. You speak less about yourself and ask more questions about others. 
  5. You get complimented for being a ‘great listener.
  6. As the years pass you never stop hearing ‘you’ve changed’ as you keep growing.
  7. You smile more inwardly to yourself and outwardly to the world. 
  8. In the face of setbacks and failure and ‘unfair’ outcomes you say to those you love ‘it’s ok – next time we’ll find the way. 
  9. You walk around like you’re wearing noise cancelling headphones. It’s your life, your mission, your happiness, your future. 
  10. You remember that happiness is a state of being and not a goal. Be happy – you’re already here!

    To be honest, there’s no such thing as “best advice” on personal growth. It’s all subjective. But I personally think that the best advice on personal growth is being a critical thinker.

    If you truly want to be part of the 1% who succeed, you will need to be this. Being a critical thinker would.

    • give you the ability to discern scammers and cults in the world of self-help,
    • give you the ability to have resilience in the face of set backs,
    • give you the ability to learn more, it would also make you a good person,
    • make you a person of logic and reasoning
    • Critical thinkers are very rare in this world. If you qualify for being a critical thinker, you would be guaranteed to succeed, no matter how many failures you face. This is a single trait everybody who has succeeded in personal growth possess.

    Keep in mind, few people know about personal growth. Even fewer actually enter. Even fewer actually last halfway. Even fewer actually win. And even fewer are actually happy with what they won.

    Those who are the very latter possess this trait.

    Consider this the best advice, and maybe go ahead look for more out there.

    Hope this’ll guide you along to true victory in personal growth.

    Stay skeptic.

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