Living A Fulfilled Life.

This is a life where you find yourself using more of – “I am happy!” “I am content” “I feel positive about the future” – Fulfilment may seem easy on the surface to achieve but it is harder to achieve than we think, for most people.

Living a fulfilled life involves pursuing your passions and values. It means engaging in activities and relationships that bring joy and meaning to your life. A fulfilled life involves finding a sense of purpose and meaning, whether through career, relationships, spirituality, or personal goals.
A feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life: Some Workaholics  only finds fulfillment in their work.

I tell people that as someone that work her ass out, you should have a time that you set aside to rest and enjoy life. It’s not about getting a whole lot of job and working. You’re working so that you can have a stress free life but at the end you work and you don’t have a time to rest or to enjoy life.

Americans say having a career you enjoy is the most important factor to living a fulfilled life, according to a new study from Pew Research. Over 70% of respondents say having a job or career they enjoy is an extremely important factor to living a fulfilling life. So everybody is entitle to what they believe is a fulfilled life for them. For you, Are you living a fulfilled life?

In short, fulfillment is about living a deeply meaningful life, a life of purpose and satisfaction. Fulfillment is not necessarily about happiness. It is about meaning, deep meaning. It’s about one’s vision, their dreams, and living in full alignment and flow with their values.

Some says fulfillment comes from knowing that we are moving forward and progressing in one or more areas of our life – and that we love the journey. Fulfillment also comes from finding meaning and purpose in what we do, and how we impact others and the world.

Steps Towards a More Fulfilling Life
The journey to a life well lived.
Identify who you really are.
Let go of unpleasant experiences.
Practice empathy and compassion.
Take care of yourself first.
Find meaning at work.
Be selective about your relationships.
Never stop learning.

Fulfillment is Being in the moment, awake and alive and able to enjoy things now. Not worrying about the past or postponing happiness to a distant future.

Once you noticed this Among yourself, it means that you are living a fulfilled life, having the habits like this means you have the power to improve your happiness, some include decluttering and getting rid of things you do not need, setting boundaries in relationships, being optimistic, practising time management, managing stress, working towards work-life balance, spending time outside, preferably in verdant.

I had one habit of postponing things I really feel like doing, like activities, trying out new foods, wearing some certain items, places to visit and trying out new things but I would rather keep it to myself scolding myself and saying you still need to work hard and don’t think of this.  Immediately I would take my mind of it, not like I have all the money but I can still afford few of the things but instead I would postpone.
So, one day I thought of something and use it as  a quote saying

Enjoy life when you can, because you won’t always be strong and agile the way you are. And later, when you look back, you’ll realize that those were the best days of your life.”

This quote encourages people to appreciate and make the most of their youthful energy and vitality, as it may not last forever. It’s a reminder to cherish and enjoy life’s moments while we can, as they may become fond memories in the future. When we’re young, we often think we’ll always be strong and capable, but as we get older, we realize that those early years were indeed special. By appreciating and making the most of our time now, we can create lasting memories and build a foundation for a happy and fulfilling life.

To me, living a fulfilled life is about:

Being align with my higher self.

Do what I love and loving what I do.

Know what is my purpose and passion.

Consciously living each day with purpose and passion.

Cleared off my emotional and past baggage and make peace with it.

Be the creator of my life experience.

Having healthy relationships – spiritually, self, and with others.

Having good and healthy personal boundaries and stand in my truth.

Living a balanced life with intuition.

Being happy, loving, kind, generous, curious, open and surrender.

Living with gratitude, compassion, connection and abundance.

Certainly, it might seem like a tall order to live up to but if you were to look at the list, they would pretty much say the same thing. These are my journeys. Step by step (not in order) as I explore and discover the meaning of living a fulfilled life but it won’t stop there. I’m sure it is a continuous journey and I may add onto this list in near future. Our life experiences are organic. Sometimes we need to walk alone but many times we need others. So do not be afraid to reach out and be vulnerable and feel our emotions because there is where we find our authentic self.

In all,  are you living a fulfilled life? Hope you’re not postponing your rest and enjoyment time?

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