You’re doing well for yourself. Some times when you feel pressure about you slowing down. You would want to do 10things at a time but relax it’s really not deep.

There’s always time to do things and learn things. The pressure from the world or people can manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do. This pressure might likely be from your own expectation or plan or goals you set for yourself, as well what others from the world like relationships and work etc.

Family and friends pressure might be pushing you do things you don’t want to do, for example I saw thing person doing this, you should also try it too.  It’s doesn’t really work that way.

Maybe you feel like you’re not being recognized for the job well done by you at work, association so you think you’re not doing enough. That kind of pressure only adds to the weight of your to do list.

Something I have learnt is that sometimes I’m often overwhelmed with myself more than anything, the kind of feelings that I am not doing enough. I get that kind of thoughts a lot.
With time, I get to slow down. A simple check in helps me when I feel overwhelmed. I will check if am the cause of this and if I am, I will take ownership and talk to myself like I am talking some one else and if it’s some one else that is making me feel overwhelmed. I find way to set boundaries with this person or communicate my needs better?

Another reason you feel you’re not doing enough is that you’re comparing. You feel like I’m not doing enough because you compare yourself with someone else. In reality, I am some one who is content with whatever she achieves or made, but that doesn’t mean I would admire what the person has done for himself or herself. I admire and respect everyone achievement but I don’t compare because my race is different from theirs. I feel like other people show you the success part of it, they don’t show you how they got there or the failure. As I said before, I respect and admire people achievements because it’s not easy but I don’t compare.

I don’t often find myself comparing my life to my close friends and family because I see their struggles in achieving that big achievements and I am glad they were able to scale through.

When I find myself In comparison, I remember that I have my own life to live while other have theirs. Whatever they are doing does not affect how well I’m doing. Also, note that you’re not seeing the full pictures of those you’re comparing your life with.

You not feeling being good enough can come from you being a perfectionist which makes you learn. But the moments you see one or two people that compliment your work or say nice things about it, it means you’re been heard.

Sometimes take a step back and remind yourself that every little step is part of something bigger. Every little steps contribute to your growth or to your decline.

Each positive action you take is building a block. The small things you’re doing- no matter how perfect or imperfect they are- actually are worthwhile. Whatever you’re doing is enough. So, don’t compare your self with others.

When you feel like you’re not doing enough, these are the things you need to do.

Set realistic boundaries and expectations for yourself.

You cannot do everything. Be realistic with the amount of time and energy you have to dedicate to this things. Whatever you’re doing is already enough.

For instance, I was a kind of person that believe I can do a lot things and I will get started with every of it at the end I won’t be able finish or keep up to it and I end up doing nothing. I don’t know if you can relate to it?

Don’t compare your life to everyone else and set expectations you know that you can achieve, regardless of what people think

You start from the smallest, don’t let your to do list to be so long. Do fewer things with intention.

When you’re working on a lot of things at one, you feel like you’re making progress but divided attention makes it difficult to get ahead.
Stop overwhelming yourself and do fewer things, things you can do without anyone forcing you. You do fewer things extraordinary well.
Maybe you’re thinking that you can do more but you know deep down that they’re a certain level you push to. Ask yourself questions, what do you need to do now? They’re a lot to do actually but do what is necessary.
It’s One steps at a time.

Track where you mostly spend your time. Track what you mostly indulge yourself into.

Evaluate your time and see where you put all your effort into. You will realize you’re doing more than you think. Spending your time in the wrong ways should stop. If you think you’re spending it in the wrong ways, practically plan your schedule using time blocks based on your top priorities.

I keep record of how my day went, if it was meaningful if I was able to achieve anything today. Keep a log of what you do on a daily basis. I checked my time for a week and why I didn’t achieve much things and I noticed I have been spending time on things that weren’t even important to me.

Let’s me know if you find this helpful.

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