How To Be Silently Attractive As A Girl, Lady or Woman.

I can’t even recall the amount of times that I had to abruptly stop whatever I was doing and just shamelessly stare at a person because of their striking beauty, their skin. I will be like, what? Skinnn like glass! I admire ladies that has a good skin, body and smells nice. 
As a ladies you need to always look good that whenever you enter a place, people get to notice you. Your appearance matter a lot.

After catching my awkward gaze, they would either give me a death stare or roll their eyes and just like that, my perception of their beauty changed. Weirdly enough, this would also happen with people that I never deemed as attractive at first glance. But then their beautiful characteristics and attitudes would instantly evoke something in me and I would then find them attractive.

Then came to figure out that beauty and attractiveness doesn’t only equates to the physical appearance but it also has something to do with the way you present yourself; your character, your attitude, your habits and mannerisms as a person. As a lady you should have all this attribute because when people look at your appearance they also want to hear the word of your mouth and how you present yourself.

These all play a part in how attractive you appear to others. So, with all of that being said, let’s dive into how you can be silently attractive and presentable.


So, Here Are The Main Things That Will Be Addressed In This Blog Post:

The different ways you can be silently attractive through the things you do And also, the different ways you can be silently attractive through the ways you present yourself.

Start Getting Attraction For The Way You Are

This is extremely important in grasping anyone’s undivided attention. It’s a silent way to showcase your beauty and attractiveness.

However, many people tend to overlook this simple and effective action therefore making it seem useless and a waste of time.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that if you instantly start sitting up straight and stop slouching that people will immediately start going head over heels for you because that is extremely unlikely.
What I’m saying is: whether you’re sitting down, standing up, crouching, crawling, slouching or whatever, make sure you look good doing it. Aim to look like a silent supermodel. Use good posture and maintain eye contact when speaking to others. Be mindful of your body language and facial expressions. Don’t look irritated, Most people find it difficult to keep their facial expressions. Don’t keep a straight face, try to smile while talking while looking them it builds a kind of confidence to you and to them
Be aware of your surroundings and avoid blocking others’ view or personal space.
One day or another people will begin to notice this unique trait about you and how you use your body.


Be a living art.

Without even talking, let your style and personality show through the way your body sways when you’re walking and the way your body poses when you’re staying still.  Avoid fidgeting or making distracting movements. Always Pay attention to the tone of your voice and avoid speaking too loudly. “I had some experience with fidgeting sometimes while speaking i was about to addressing some people, I was just there to just talk like 10mins and i got there i was dumbfounded, before I know it I was already speaking rubbish but I was still able to pass the information regardless, but since then i learnt to talk to myself  and also demonstrate while looking at the mirror and that helped a lot. You can also give that a try.”

Be Organized
This is also such another great way in gaining attraction without making a peep.

Organization is such a great way in enhancing both your physical beauty and your mental state of mind.

Even being organized in the simple things can gain you attraction. In fact, they might just be the things to give you the best results.

Being organized perceives you as a person that has priorities, goals and someone who is striving for success and nothing less.

Make sure your hair is styled and your nails are trimmed.

Be punctual and prepared for meetings and events.


Become Observant
Being silent makes it so much easier to pay attention to the small and tiny details.

You can learn so many new and interesting things when paying attention to the things in the background.

Open your eyes and start looking beyond the surface. Know that there’s more depth to everything and everyone.

Be mindful of your personal hygiene.


Everyone tells you to not talk with food in your mouth or to never put your elbows on the dining table.

Yes, these things might be considered a “reach” as they are not harmless and it’s something everyone subconsciously do.This is the exact reason to why many people overlook these old etiquette tales and do what they please.
– Offer to help others when its possible.
– Show genuine interest in what others are saying.
– Keep your phone on silent and avoid using it during meetings or conversations.

Use this to your advantage to become silently attractive.

If everyone else doesn’t find it fit to practice these simple mannerisms, then by you being the one to do these things, you are effortlessly standing out and can be seen as quite attractive.

 I hope i am making sense though, i love to give my point without being bias. I hope you enjoyed this? I’m coming with more topics to help your self development and self worth.






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