Try these 30-day habits to transform yourself! Some of us might already be doing some of them, while others haven’t. These habits aren’t just for women, men can benefit too! So let’s get started with the glow challenge!

1. Sleep 7-8 hours ;- I know most time we are occupy with a lot of stuff that we might just sleep for few hours like 4-5 in a day, but our body needs some rest and we need to give it before it shut down.

2. Drink 2L minimum of water a day with electrolytes. 
Drinking water boost our immune system, it helps us stay hydrated and it help the skins also.

3. Limit alcohol intake (once per week if at all);- Most people can’t do without taking alcohol in a day.
4. read for 15 mins a day/ listen to a podcast;- Let it be part of you, reading help you stay updated to new words, help with your spoken English.

5.Move your body daily and try one new workout class per week (online or in person).

6. Practice gratitude daily (3x “big” and 3x “small’ things)
7. Take magnesium every night before bed “IOTHE
8. Take probiotics every morning before breakfast
9. Swap coffee for matcha / green tea
10. Mute/ unfollow accounts that make you feel bad
11. Listen to positive affirmations whilst you brush your teeth
12. Stick to a solid skincare routine- cleanse, tone, moisture.

13. Tell your friends and family you love them everyday
14. Give a stranger a compliment at least once
15. SMILE, it boosts your self esteem
16. Peppermint tea after dinner
17. Dry brush daily
18. Try to blast cold water at the end of your AM shower this boosts dopamine.

Trying this few things makes you glow, helps your self esteem. This challenge helps where you try to radiate positivity and spread good vibes, improving your skin’s glow and radiance.  Either way, it sounds like a fun and possibly uplifting challenge.

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