Getting married is a blessing.

For some people, getting married may be a source of great happiness and fulfillment. They might see it as a wonderful way to experience love and commitment, and as a blessing from God or the universe. For others, getting married might not hold the same significance. It’s a very personal decision, so there’s no one right answer.

In my little opinion, Getting married is a blessing.

Emphasizes on getting married to the right person. This is definitely the truth. Thing is in this part of our world, marriage confers on you the trustworthiness especially as a business person. Again, some section of people believe if as a man, you are unmarried, you are irresponsible and liable to waste resources, so getting married is the ideal for them.

I don’t know why it’s like that but it is just how it is here.
What i meant, is that resourceful young man who owns a business and is very dedicated and responsible, and while you may not know, people have been taking note of that. Investors, creditors, and even all categories of customers would want to do business with you. I wouldn’t know how to explain this very well to you but you must know that when people see a gentleman, now married, with a business they have all watched him start and grow, they would feel you are very responsible, that you would take good care of their money. That is, for an investor- and that you would be honest and kind in serving their needs (for clients and customers).

You wondered if it the same for women, yes, it is. In the case of house hunting, most house owners or caretakers emphasize the need for married ladies as a criteria for renting houses out. They believe if you are married, you are a “Responsible lady” It’s a thing in this part of our world.

But it’s not a forceful thing to do, you can do that when you find a commitment person and it’s not something you rush into. You have do it with a responsible person.

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