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  • Miranda Suess
    endorsed 2017-12-07 14:05:39 -0800
    Namjai is a professional and natural leader in guiding those who want to be awakened and dig deep in finding inner peace.

    I’ve attended Namjai’s cacao ceremony for women which was a turning point in my life. Namjai is seriously a gift and I am so blessed she made a presence in my life.

    Trust your intuition and take care of yourself. Meet Namjai, NOW.
  • Daniela Gil
    endorsed 2017-12-07 14:02:45 -0800
    Recently, a cacao ceremony led by Namjai was a turning point for me. It was a profound and incredible experience, so beautifully and masterfully crafted and facilitated, I received so much from it!
  • Danielle Kali Brown
    endorsed 2017-10-30 18:16:03 -0700
    This course is beyond amazing. Namjai and Deva are the most wonderful beings and I am so grateful for the knowledge, love and support that they offer. I attended this course with a new partner of mine, and the connection we had was instantly deepened. These wise words and rather simple yet powerful exercises have given our relationship an excellent foundation to build on…and to rise in love ! Namjai and Deva give you a whole new way to look at love, and most importantly, unconditional love. I have never felt as deeply connected to a partner in my entire life. I can’t thank you both enough!
  • Tommy Teeple
    endorsed 2017-10-30 18:15:43 -0700
    We’re taught economics, marketing, how to be a doctor, architecture & the list goes on….But somehow the education of relationships has mysteriously remained for the most part invisible in our school systems. So in comes Deva & Namjai to guide us along, holding the lamp light out of the darkness of this huge train we all seemed to have missed. It’s the “How to Sustain A Relationship Train”….I personally have been immensely enjoying the ride. The classes are filled with interactive exercises , knowledge, and fun as we all attempt to take in new programming, identify old programming, & perception in how we approach relationships. There are many core pieces of the pie that make up the new paradigm we are now entering. What Namjai & Deva have to offer is like a piece of art, over the years they have sculpted into an awesome experience, imparting it to us all to help uncover the mystery “of simply getting along” better and enriching our relationships. You could never put a price on these workshops, & you will know why when you attend. Come learn what simply has been always missing “how to relate”….in a deep fun light way….so cool and every town needs a Deva & Namjai & what they have to offer. Topanga is fortunate to have you♡. Put your seat belts on & see you all soon!!!
  • Tristan Montoya
    endorsed 2016-09-17 12:43:09 -0700
    What an amazing experience you both offered me yesterday. I felt seen, heard, and lovingly supported in speaking my truth and learning how to reveal my desires. Loved it and will definitely be attending more workshops in this series.

    Thanks for all the love and attention and presence you both put into your work. In gratitude, Tristan
  • Scott Vineberg
    endorsed 2016-06-27 10:57:47 -0700
    Your tantra teaching is the most well rounded I have yet encountered – ranging from the esoteric, to super sex techniques, to establishing the foundations for all great loving in authentic intimacy and the capacity for the perpetual cultivation of love and energy. So very grateful you have brought this to our little part of LA.

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