SoulShine 5-week Coaching Program

Are you feeling over-worked and overwhelmed with life as you know it?

Are you tired of sacrificing your dreams to make everyone else happy?

Is there a unique voice inside of you that's been locked up for far too long?

Until now, perhaps you have allowed your outward expression to be dictated by outside influences and fear.  This can make us feel as if we are living someone else's life and not our own.  If you are ready to experience the fullness of life, I offer you my complete devotion to your process over 5 weeks of intense soul-scrubbing so that you can SHINE from the inside out!

Today, most solutions offered by media and society attempt to fix the problems from the outside in.  You & I will dive INSIDE, so you can do the meaningful work that will radiate outwards to create more ease in all areas of your life.  Live from your heart.  Love with your life.  And be loved in return for exactly who you are. 

The world is at a critical point right now where we are in desperate need of more brightness, more of us shining our distinct and creative light!  This program is for the courageous woman with a wild heart who is committed to break through.  We will get down to the nitty gritty details of what has been holding you back, so that you can find more space in your life to expand and awaken your innate gifts.  It's your time to SHINE!   

If you feel the call, Congratulations!  Change begins within.  The best thing we can do for our planet and our loved ones is to take our personal growth into consideration and actively work towards a happier and more peaceful inner life.  If you are committed to your transformation and ready to apply, send your message in the form below.  

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