How to Speak Your Truth (even when it's hard!)

No more staying small and silent! No more people pleasing! It's not serving you and it's not serving the world! Watch this video for some inspiring questions that will help you find your inner strength and SPEAK UP!

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Inner Radiance & The Urgent Call for Sisterhood

Recently I was interviewed on Deborah Brown's radio show, Taking a Leap, where I shared some lessons from my journey, what I think is holding us back as women, what a man really wants in a woman, and what it requires to take the leap in your own life.  Listen here...

6 Ways to Be In Love with Life — With or Without a Valentine

Be LoveSkip the crowded night out on the town, waiting in lines for a dinner table.  You can make this Valentine’s Day truly special by tuning into the Love wherever you are.  

Today, dream to cultivate Love for Love’s sake.  This time of year, I delight in seeing all the shades of red and pink, all the hearts and messages of Love.  Love, something I believe is one of our deepest purposes for being alive, finds its space to be celebrated in the shop windows.  Sure, it’s hang time is minuscule in comparison to its importance.  And, yes, it has acquired some hectic pressure due to the push of the capitalist market.  Still, my heart flutters at all the heart-centered beauty on display. 

On Valentine’s Day, we are commonly expressing gratitude for the meaningful relationships in our lives where we extend our heart and expand our joy.  Don’t overlook the most long-standing relationship you have — the relationship with your beautiful self.  Be Yours this Year.  

Here’s your Solo Valentine’s Day Challenge:

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Combine these 3 Types of Attraction for your Best Relationship Ever…

3 types of attraction To navigate intimate relationships, it is fundamental to understand the distinction between the various forces that unite you with your partner. Many people are not clear on the differences between Lust, Romantic Emotion and Love. Here we attempt to clarify some of the most common confusions, so that when True Love arrives you can easily recognize it:

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Sublime Meditation

In the sound clip attached below, Deva shares with you an imagery for your meditation that we find to be quite powerful for a quick 15 minute re-centering.

This guided visualisation takes you through the basics of sublimation, a concept vital in our own personal practices.  Sublimation of energy helps to put you in control of your experience, namely, your emotions.  When you first root down into the Earth and find stability you are grounded and in touch with a limitless energy source.  You can move that telluric energy up the spinal cord, towards the crown of the head and connect with the cosmic energy above to remember who you REALLY are.

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