Namjai Neroli

Transformational Coach

Namjai Neroli

I am here in service to the Divine Goddess, in full surrender to what is asking to be expressed as ME!  I am here to be a joyful beacon of light and truth on our planet at this time, and I commit to serving you towards the dreams of your heart’s deepest longing.  I am thrilled you have come to this online community and are looking further into what it's all about.  Welcome!

My credo: Everything is Important, Nothing is Serious.  Learning to PLAY my role with ever more grace & ease, I am convinced that there is an unlimited amount of joy and fun involved in living a life to its fullest.  Why take ourselves and our dramas so seriously?  Life is begging to be lived with guffaws and grins!  I am living to make Love with Life Itself!  I believe we all are!  This is our birthright!

Seriously, though?  No, not serious.  Strike that word from your vocab.  We’ve had enough of serious, haven’t we?

Honestly, though.  My past has not been all glitter and gumdrops, and it took some meaningful spiritual work to revitalize my relationship with Life.  My personal relationship history includes betrayal, rape, physical abuse, emotional blackmail, jealousy, and conditional notions of love from the time of childhood.  I have been to the bottom of the trenches, driven to my knees at the heart of despair.  From there I was given a clue to finding Divinity in everyday moments, a light in the darkness.  I was shown a path towards developing a spirituality that honored the things that felt Sacred to ME, free of dogma and limits.

Since then my life has revolved around cultivating this stillness, self-awareness, creative expression and self-Love that is required to Live in Love and Play Full Out!  For me, this meant finding my place in the natural world, seeking wisdom from shamans and awakened beings, through age-old rituals, long spells of silence, prayer and meditation, growing in emotional maturity, honing and trusting my intuition, releasing bonds and obligations of the past, seeing my Beauty in its FULLness, and doing so in Deep Faith & Gratitude that I am always in the Right Place at the Right Time.  Sure, some days I have to re-read this just to remind myself... yet, deep down, I know it to be True.


As I traveled down the spiritual path, I saw an area of my life that was begging to be deeper and greater than good enough.  I had a keen desire to make sense of my sexual desire.  All other areas of my life were addressed by the spiritual teachings I had found, yet when it came to sex I noticed a big void in the program. I saw that as long as this area of my life wasn’t blossoming and Divine (and at the time it was REALLY malnourished), I was ignoring a huge and natural part of what it means to be in this body AND be a spiritual being.

The teachings I found through yoga, directly inspired by Tantric tradition, enhanced my way of relating with myself and my partner so profoundly that I felt called to share what I was learning with anyone who was ready.  I began co-teaching tantra workshops in 2015 from Delhi to Paris to LA, developing a unique 8-week series to help individuals seeking True Love.  Since then my own understanding of Tantra has broadened as I have come to incorporate womb wisdom teachings, Tao sexual arts, dance, and plant medicine into my life and my offerings.

I now see sexuality as intricately laced within my being as is spirituality.  I see that pleasure can be a viable path to healing.  I can see that my choices create my reality.  I see that everything I am choosing to believe is of my making.  I see the shame that society attempts to drown us in for expressing this creative creature energy.  I see the misinformation that we've been fed about how to approach sexuality that keeps us at arms length from touching it's essence.  It is time for the sexual revolution, folks!  We are so much more than we have allowed ourselves to be!

My life’s work has revolved around empowering women.  We are such mysterious and magical beings!  Now I can see no greater way to get to the Truth of our Power than to unleash the Love within us, to hold ourselves and our bodies Sacred, and to let the creative juices of Life flow through us.   I offer myself as a resource from a place of compassion and understanding.  I know the importance of whimsically delighting in Life’s blessings.  I know we must first come to love our Self before we can give Love without binds out into the world.  I know that when we do, we see it flowing back a hundred-fold.  If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then get connected and let’s Play!


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