6 Ways to Be In Love with Life — With or Without a Valentine

Be LoveSkip the crowded night out on the town, waiting in lines for a dinner table.  You can make this Valentine’s Day truly special by tuning into the Love wherever you are.  

Today, dream to cultivate Love for Love’s sake.  This time of year, I delight in seeing all the shades of red and pink, all the hearts and messages of Love.  Love, something I believe is one of our deepest purposes for being alive, finds its space to be celebrated in the shop windows.  Sure, it’s hang time is minuscule in comparison to its importance.  And, yes, it has acquired some hectic pressure due to the push of the capitalist market.  Still, my heart flutters at all the heart-centered beauty on display. 

On Valentine’s Day, we are commonly expressing gratitude for the meaningful relationships in our lives where we extend our heart and expand our joy.  Don’t overlook the most long-standing relationship you have — the relationship with your beautiful self.  Be Yours this Year.  

Here’s your Solo Valentine’s Day Challenge:

Love LetterBe Celebrated.  Light a candle for yourself.  Write yourself a love letter, and seal it to open on another occasion, like yourbirthday.  To start, take a moment to picture you at your best.  Visualize yourself moving, speaking and acting from that place.  Let that picture of you be your Valentine, and write to yourself with adoration and reverence.  Write about your best qualities, celebrate your awesomeness and your beauty, honor the meaningful ways you show up in your community.  Seal it with a kiss. 

Be Inspired. Take time to meditate on the poetry of Rumi. 

candleBe Devoted.  As often as possible throughout the day, keep a candle lit.  Carry it and a box of matches with you today, and each time you light it, have a silent, introspective moment on the infinite amount of Supreme Love available to you.  Probably not a good idea to try this one on the freeway, but it will add an element of precious awareness on your desk, dinner table, bathtub, and bedside.

Be Seen.  Wear Red.  Show the world that you are here for Love.  You are playing the game.  If you have some hearts to wear, even better.  Get in the spirit.

Love You

Be Grateful.  Love What Is.  All Day Long.  February 14 can be a day to fall in Love with Life.  Whatever comes, love it.  Appreciate it.  All day, keep the mantra “My life is unfolding perfectly in Divine Timing.”  Imagine that every encounter today, every thing happening, was divinely planned and you are living in accord with the loving essence flowing through all of life.  Especially when things don’t go according to “plan” — repeat the mantra, and trust that all is as it should be. 

Be of Service.  Now that you are feeling the love, I challenge you to spread it!  Leave an anonymous love note in your community/neighborhood.  This can be as simple or extravagant as you allow.  Here are 3 simple ideas to get you started:

Walk in Love

  • Bring out your inner playfulness with some sidewalk chalk.  Decorate a bit of blah concrete with some color and some love.  Choose a place where there is walking traffic.
  • Collect some light-colored rocks or seashells.  With a red permanent marker, spell out a message, one letter per shell, and display it in a place that will be noticed.
  • Cut out hearts from colored paper and slip these under the windshield wiper on the cars in your area.  Add a short love note on each heart if you feel inspired.

Some message ideas for your local love notes:

Love Notes

Whatever it is you do today, be sure to do it in Love.


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