40 Ways to Improve Yourself.

Lately, the few things i noticed and experience on how to improve and how to become a better version of yourself. You can not try all this things out and not feel happy with your new self. I would share some and i would love you all to try it out and to see how it would help in your day to day activities.
1. Meditate
2. Set goals
3. Read Daily
4. Judge less
5. Eat Healthy
6. Love yourself
7. Watch educational videos instead.
8. Wake up early
9. Learn a new skill
10. Believe in yourself

11. Start a journal
12. Have a quiet time for some minutes.
13. Start a new routine.
14. Ask for feedback.
15. Plan a new strategy.
16. Focus on the positive
17. Review your finances
18. Don’t make excuses
19. Change your attitude
20. Be soft with the words of your mouth

21. Learn how to invest
22. Stop procrastinating
23. Learn a new language
24. Automate& delegate
25. Don’t compare yourself
26. Question your purpose
27. Focus one thing at a time
28. Identify your blind spots
29. Acknowledge your flaws
30. Leave your comfort zone
31. Change your social circle
32. Quit things that aren’t working
33. Follow an exercise routine
34. Write a letter to your future self
35. Start being more organized
36. See failure as an opportunity
37. Make a business bucket list
38. Remove negative people from your life
39. Sleep early
40.Motivate yourself
41. Spread positivity.

Let’s me know if this actually helps once you start implementing it.

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