To be a Radiant Lover is to know yourself and to love yourself, so that all your relations are infused with the warmth of the sun.

Here you will find trainings and tools to access your true nature within relationship.  


Used with intention, we believe relationship is the most effective tool for personal growth.  Sometimes relationship is a joy ride, and sometimes it can make sitting in a Himalayan cave look like an easy out.  The partners we choose bring exactly the lessons we need for big leaps in our own transformation and vice versa.  As partners we act as mirrors, shining light on each other's beauty & blemishes.  If we remain aware and don't take those rough moments personally, we can use the info they point to as directionals to see where we have room to exfoliate our hearts.  

First, we must see though all the misconceptions of relationship engrained by parents and media, and find the truth of Love that is written on our hearts.  We must take personal responsibility and make masterful choices in our own life.  We must learn to appreciate the humanity in our partner while seeing their divinity, new day after each new day.

We believe that everyone and everything is laced with Divinity.

We believe that Unconditional Love is the nature of Divinity.

That means that this divine nature of Love is our very constitution.

Our work now is to remember, activate and radiate.

We are here to return to Love.

  • Upcoming events

    Thursday, March 02, 2017 at 06:00 PM through March 15, 2017

    Bali Immersion Retreat

    Immerse yourself in 12 days of relationship investigation with us in this carefully crafted laboratory of Love with the magic of Bali as the backdrop.

    Use your sexual energy to heal yourself and advance your spiritual work.  This couples coaching workshop builds on the principles described in the Essential Tools course to give extensive practice time for the work that leads to deeper connection.

    private eco bungalow

    In this retreat setting, we assist you in liberating yourself from beliefs that have been holding you back from experiencing the full Joy of what is available to you.  Once you see clearly, you can meet your True Self and reveal your inner strength.  Then the comfort and security you rest in allows you to show up fully to meet another.  You will deepen your experience of connection and touch, as you learn to give and receive the blessing of presence.  Your vision of the world will unfold to be more inclusive, and you may leave feeling as if you are in Love with Life Itself.

    The daily schedule includes a practice of yoga focused on management of subtle energy (prana) and energy centres (chakras) along with alternating lectures, practices, and rituals with an intent to deliver ageless Tantric secrets focused on the art of relating blended with wisdom of modern psychology.  We hold this course in a residential format, so the teachings have the greatest opportunity to sink in at every level.  We find that this is the most effective route to transformation.

    private tub on the river

    We take great care in assembling the atmosphere best suited to transmit these teachings, surrounded by nature, with bountiful vegetarian meals, and a group of like-minded people focused on self-transformation for the betterment of the planet and generations to come.  The group synergy will impact your experience in a highly effective way.  Seven couples will be invited to attend.  You will show each other your blind spots as you are guided through the teachings by caring facilitators.  As facilitators, we will hold you in a field of loving support while your paradigm shifts throughout this interactive playground.


    Meghan & DevaWe are grateful to be able to share the details of what enhances our experience of life together, what excites us, what keeps us shining and what keeps us moving through the stumbling when it shows up.  When you spend 12 days immersed in these teachings with us, you will have plenty of opportunity for diving deep into your questions with our most sincere guidance. 

    *All sessions are given fully clothed. We teach practices that improve sexual health & intimacy.

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